Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mini Greenhouse

Woo hoo our "mini" greenhouse came today, a £29.99 bargain from A small box arrived so I was stunned when dh put the frame
together and I saw how big it really is. It is a good 6 foot high at its apex and has a metal frame and 6 wide shelves that are built into the frame with mesh metal shelves that fit on. It also has guy ropes to anchor it down ( a must here and even then dh will need to put a baton on the back and attach it to a wall) and a breathable plastic cover with a roll up door. I will post piccies once it is finished and in place.


  1. Ruth that looks really good - its not that 'mini' is it!

  2. No its not. I was very surprised.

  3. We had one of these the last couple of years, a smaller version than yours, but excellent for bringing things on. It got raving hot in there mind, somedays I'd undo the zip and it was like putting your face in the oven.