Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hi From Me

I am Ruth and I moved to our house 15 months ago. It is in a very windy, coastal location with all the challenges of extreme weather and salt laden air. Last year we grew veg - mainly Spring Greens, Kale, herbs, lettuce, beetroot, radishes and tomatoes ( which never rippened.) We have 8 rabbits that ate everything. They are no longer free range and the plan is to start gardening again this week. I am getting a mini greenhouse from Wilkinson to grow herb and veg seeds in and we have a raised bed dh built from sleepers for growing veg and herbs. I use grow bags along a sunny wall for tomatoes and a herb wheel dh built by the back door for herbs. I grow herbs for the kitchen, rabbits and medicinal purposes.

I want to grow a windbreak of trees along the back wall to keep the howling wind out and the view of passing trains. Conifers are the fastest but not the prettiest. Any ideas welcome:)

I love flowers too and have a raised bed for clematis and perennials. It is empty at the moment due to the rabbits eating it all but I am starting to re-stock soon and want to grow some flowers from seed for it. I am also growing flowers G can use for her floristry. Along with all of this I want to grow flowers that attract bees as they are struggling to survive at the moment and shrubs birds can hide in. We get a lot of wildlife in the garden but I think more would come in if the conditions were right. I am thinking about a bog garden and log piles.


  1. We are also in a windy spot ( lost our green house last year and the year before the childrens wooden climbing frame). I'd go for conifers then maybe grow something pretty in front of them? I'd be interested to hear more about the medicinal herbs, I grow a few standard herbs for cooking.

  2. I really must stop being jealous of what others have got in their garden, lol, my day will come again. Will ask DH about the trees - he won't suggest leylandii I know, long story.

  3. Yes the wind howls here Amanda all year round.

    Oh I am intrigued Eleanor as to why dh won't suggest Leylandii:)