Sunday, March 15, 2009


I'm Amanda, I love to grow our own food, I'm a novice gardener, I've been growing bits and bobs on a very low scale for a while now.  Last year lots of tomatoes, corgettes, peppers, salad leaves, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and apples.  The year before that mostly potatoes and tomatoes, blackberries and apples.  Currently we've planted potatoes (1st earlies), we have tomatoe and lettuce seedlings on the window sils (sp) and quite a few packets of seeds to start off. 


  1. Got my first earlies in today. Vowed not to put potatoes in my main patch again as they take up so much space but they should be out by June so that's okay. I'll put the main and lates somewhere else.

  2. I have done nothing yet so will be late lol

  3. I'm really not sure about the lettuce seedlings they look very, erm *weedy*...

  4. Aren't you up north tho Ruth - it's been too cold yet up here for most stuff we would have in by now, but the next couple of weeks should see us planting. Not sure where everyone else is,at least until I look on the addresses for squares, lol.
    A pot which has been out all winter and which last year had mixed lettuce in,has some very sturdy looking red salad leaves coming up, at least I think that's what they are. Quite thick and spinachy looking. Who's going to try them first (not Penny Ruth, for sure).

  5. Yes Eleanor we are up North and the weather has been better then last but not great for planting anything. LOL over Penny - with the stuff my lot munched there way through I think it has to be really bad to be poisonous.