Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hi to everyone, I'm Elaine and I have two children, Katie (12) and Ben (9) with hubby Paul (+ two cats and a visiting one, rabbit, two hens, two rats and two fish)!

I'm pretty new to the veggie gardening thing but started with growing tomatoes, runners and potatoes (in pots) about three years ago in our old house. Since our move a couple of years ago, we've got a much bigger garden and my lovely neighbour offered to clear a patch ready for me to expand my veg growing. Last year I was chuffed to have grown onions, spring onions, leeks, garlic, dwarf beans, carrots, potatoes and cabbages. My unsuccessful crop of the year was sweetcorn which I think I planted too late and in too shady a section. We are still pulling the leeks from last year's crop and have garlic already in the ground for harvesting later in the year. The children are chiting seed potatoes which they received free from the Potato Council (schools "Grow your own potatoes").

I've also sown some over-winter onions which are looking alittle sad I must say! Over the last couple of days I've sown peas, mixed salad leaves, spring onions and chilli which are all sitting on my conservatory kitchen windowsills - really need a greenhouse!

As I am enjoying the veg growing so much, and the rest of the family pitch in too (and certainly enjoy eating the rewards) we're aiming to clear another patch for next year and fill in an unused swimming pool ready for some apple trees, raspberries and other goodies that take our fancy.

Looking forward to reading everyone's gardening adventures and picking up lots of new tips.


  1. Hello Elaine. I was unsuccesful with sweetcorn last year. Are you trying again this year?

  2. My sweetcorn failed last year too. Not enough sunshine - even the cobs that had developed didn't ripen. I think I'll see if I have room in my greenhouse but if not I may pass.

  3. Rabbits ae our sweetcorn but it was poxy tbh.

  4. I was really dissappointed when the sweetcorn didn't turn into the expected lovely yellow, it was the one veg that I was really looking forward to harvesting! I grew just 6 as I had little space left and about 3 managed to get to cobs which, like Claire, didn't ripen. Not sure if I'll try again. Shouldn't really just give up should I? Perhaps if I set them growing a little earlier this year to catch more of the "summer" sun I'll be more successful. I read that they need to be in sown squares or rectangles so they can self-pollinate. As with all veg and fruit growing, it's a bit of a gamble, but usually worth it in the end.