Monday, April 20, 2009

Building A Bog Garden

First we roughed out the shaped with a hose. We decided to put it on the lawn edge so it gets sun and partial shade.

Muchus digging by dh not me later we have a hole.

Into the hole we put a underlay and a liner and then poke holes in them both with a garden fork so slow drainage will occur or it will end up a pond the first time it rains. Then we put in a good layer of perlite to help keep water in the bog.

Next we shovelled all the soil back, soaked it with rainwater ( do not use tap water unless it is going to be left to stand for week as the chemicals in tap water are bad for the plants.) and trimmed back the liner and put a layer of turf on the edge upside down to hide it. Then I planted it. I put in Irises, Ragged Robin, Meadow sweet, Hemp Agrimony, Scullcap, Pink Purslane, Penny Royal, Marsh Marigold and Hostas when they arrive. It looks a mess but give it time. I am hoping when it grows up it will attract frogs, toads, newts and dragonflies.


  1. Haha giggles
    I read your title as
    "Building A Blog Garden"
    what the heck is a Blog garden I wondered - doh!

  2. LOL Dawniy:) I will update as it grows if the dog does not dig it up or it become a litter tray for the cat fraternity;)

  3. Sounds good. I would love a pond to attract frogs as they eat so many pests - but then the chooks would eat the frogs and I'd feel awful. Keep us posted.

  4. It looks fantastic, it'll be nice if you keep us updated with pictures as it " matures" IF YOU DON'T MIND PLEASE